Case No. 4 C: High Risk

A 52yr old hispanic male with history of hyperlipidemia, IDDM, hypertension, and 30 pack/yr smoking presents to the ED with c/o nausea and diaphoresis. His mother had an MI at 50, and he has two sisters– one suffered an MI at 52 with subsequent CABG, and the other had an MI at 49. His BP on arrival was 92/48.

Another 3:2 Wenkibach; the second ECG shows the pathology resolving slightly to a 1st degree conduction delay, perhaps reflecting beneficial pharmacotherapy.

This pt. received medical management at an outside facility until he could be transported to the cath lab. His Pro-BNP on admission to CCU was 4668, and his Troponin peaked at 8.36ng/ml. No further is known.


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